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Restorative home support,  a new approach.
Reablement or restorative home support is a new approach to delivering home support for older people.  It is a model of care focused on, where possible and appropriate, restoring an individual’s capability after an illness or other health setback and therefore restoring their quality of life.
Numerous countries, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand,  Norway, Sweden, UK and US have been developing the approach for several years with some countries taking a very different interpretation.  In 2017, a European research project was established to develop greater understanding on the area and brought together the above-mentioned countries to develop an international network of collaboration and development.  The group representing academics and clinicians have already met in Sweden and Norway and will continue to meet to solidify the network.
In 2019 the ReAble network consists of 38 members from nine countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and US). Hanne Tuntland is the coordinator of the network, with Magnus Zingmark (Sweden) and Tine Rostgaard (Denmark) as close collaborators. The network has an extended coordination group which consists of Silke Metzelthin (The Netherlands), Micelle Nelson (Canada), Fiona Aspinal (England), Elissa Burton and Hilary O`Connel (Australia), and John Parsons and Matthew Parsons (New Zealand) in addition to the three aforementioned persons

Click here for a short video describing reablement and the Reable network